This innovation challenge focuses on journalism and the news media.

We are looking for disruptive digital ideas to improve the way that news is collected and disseminated.

By digital ideas, we mean tools or strategies that use the Internet, mobile platforms, data-driven journalism, computer-assisted reporting, digitally augmented reality or virtual reality, camera drones or the Internet of Things (sensors), and other electronic means to improve the relevance and impact of news media.

Your ideas should be focused on providing pragmatic solutions to real-world challenges facing Africa’s media.

Your innovation should fall into any of four broad categories: news gathering; storytelling; audience engagement; or the business of news.

Within these categories, we are specifically interested in ideas that seek to achieve one or more of the following goals:

Our Mission

To support digital innovation and experimentation that seeks to empower citizens by improving the quality and impact of African civic journalism by using new digital tools and techniques for ‘making’ news, along with new ways for audiences to engage with news, and new models for civic media organisations to sustain themselves.